Welcome to PartySOON! Our design studio creates the point from which your Big Day will start - flawless wedding invitations complemented with coordinating wedding stationery. Whether you are after something elegantly classic or vintage, amusingly funny or modern, our paper quality, refined embellishments, delicate accessories, eye catching finishing and sophisticated designs will create the ultimate vibe of the entire event and become a first hallmark of your celebration. 

If you want to make a deep impression on your guests, opt for our bespoke luxury wedding invitations. 
Your special day is supposed to be impeccable, but organizational issues should not be stressful. At PartySOON, we believe that the whole process can be effortless and memorable. Spare your energy for the other important activities, while our team, that have over 15 years of experience in the field of polygraphy and graphic design, will work on your wedding stationery. We carefully monitor all wedding tendencies and always know what is on trend and what is out of date. Such approach allows to offer classy, elegant designs that look fresh and unique. All our wedding invitations are created with an artistic touch in full accordance with traditional British quality standards. 
PartySOON is pleased to introduce the fashion-forward wedding collections that will provide you with all the stationery you may need for the upcoming event. Luxury collection of wedding invitations encompasses dazzling bespoke cards fascinating in every detail: glitter of the rhinestones, silky smoothness of ribbons, sophisticated pocketfold formats and, of course, premium cardstock. Vintage collection of wedding invitations transfer sweet vintage spirit – warm and pleasant as a cup of tea with old friends. Classic collection honours a pure elegance of timeless classics. Orient collection embodies the ardent passion of the Eastern cultures. Such different collections, but similar in their purposeful - to announce your special event in a stunning and sophisticated manner. 
PartySoon has thoroughly created fashion-forward paper collections that offer various design stationery for your unique events. Invitation cards introduce the occasion and enjoy Customer's primary focus, but the stationery  is not limited to invitation cards only. Major information is presented on the card, however, in case you want the visitors to be 100% acquainted with the ceremony - make sure they got Order of Service brochures with detailed description of the ceremony. PartySoon presents luxury booklets with order of service content and elaborated Menu cards. Meeting high expectations of our clients, PartySoon designers  created fabulous booklets to match our unique luxury paper sets. The booklets are neatly cut and stapled on professional equipment, the decorative cover can be personalized with your content (the venue name, the date, etc.). These brochures are meant to make a wow-effect among your guests!
Thank you cards are such a smart concept. A thank you card shows appreciation for a thoughtful expression, act or gift. Usually, the potential formality of a handwritten card can be intimidating to the writer. Some people think that the wording of a thank you note has to be immaculate before being delivered which in return causes so much stress that the thank you letters are never sent.Before all the well-known rules, just remember that an imperfect thank you card that comes from heart is better than a perfect note that was never sent. Here is a simple list to the do's of thank you letters to help ease everyone through the entire process. In some cases where you thought a written note was required, it's not. Just follow a simple formula and you'll need to personalize your thank you note to make it meaningful to the recipient.Three Do's of Thank You Cards Recommended from Polina Perri: Send your thank you cards as soon as possible. Letters may be sent on informal stationery, except for wedding thank you cards which are sent on formal stationery. Read more...
I would highly recommend! The invitations are beautiful and elegant, they were very carefully packaged and arrived prompty. We received great customer service from the staff and they were extremely helpful to any questions we had! Could not be happier!
/ Anna Shephard