Color Recommendations

We strongly recommend to use the carefully chosen color combinations, designed by Polina Perri Design Studio. One of the most elegant solutions is to print the wording with one or two colors, however it's also possible to add the third color. Invitation card itself is a ready-made designer product, in which the wording is the final detail that supposed to be clear and legible.

The best color scheme for your wording is dualtone one, which implies one color for the main wording and another color for the accents.

As a rule, the main text includes 90% of all information. The most suitable colors for main text are: Black, Dark Chocolate and Charcoal Grey.

Accents can be made on the names, date and venue of the celebration or other details which you'd like to highlight. The best colors for accents are: Gold Imitation, Burgundy, Red, Purple or any other color which suits to the theme of your event.

The paper background will remain white/ivory, but the text and graphics can be customized to any of our ink options in accordance with your preferences.
If you want to add any graphic element (logo, photograph, vector clipart) – please, mention this in the comments to your wording on the Personalization section or sent us a separate email with your instructions.

The most popular color choice:

1. All Black (white invitations)
2. Dark Chocolate & Gold Imitation (ivory invitations)
3. All Dark Chocolate (ivory invitations)
4. Gold Imitation (ivory invitations)
5. Black & Gold Imitation (ivory invitations)
6. Black & Burgundy (white invitations)
7. Charcoal Grey (white invitations)
8. Black & Purple (white invitations)
9. Pink Hazelnut (rose gold invitations)
You can find more color options in the online color chart at

Since all displays show colors differently, printed stationery may slightly differ from what you can see on your screen. If you are concerned about the accurate colors, we highly recommend to order a personalized sample, which can be preprinted with your own wording or with a random design, just to demonstrate the quality of print. To provide your instructions, please send us an email to immediately after ordering a sample.

Please note, we do not accept returns based on color.