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Each wedding anniversary is called in its own way and has a certain symbolic meaning.The first anniversary is called a “cotton” one. This thin material symbolizes instability of fragile feelings of a young couple. Year after year, feelings and wish to stay together grow stronger, and the union becomes more harmonic. That is why symbols of subsequent wedding anniversaries alter to more considerable. The 25th wedding anniversary gains metal strength accentuated with nobility of a precious metal – silver. Everyone knows that with the years the silver jewelry can fade, but with the proper care they will shine and delight with their beauty. Similarly, with the marital relations: if you treat them carefully and attentively, their warmth and beauty will never fade.

The 25 year milestone is a wonderful time to reflect upon the early years and to bring together family and friends who were present at the wedding, as well as the new acquaintances who have joined since and share with them lots of sentimental memories. 

We, at PartySoon, hope that our range of handcrafted artisan Silver Wedding invitations will help to set the tone of your celebration and reflect the sentiment of your special event. 

All our invitations are made of the premium quality white paper with refined pearlescent finish. 

Sophisticated elements - exquisite brooches with the scattering of sparkling rhinestones, paper appliqués with glittering silver patterns, white satin ribbons and Dior bows - incorporated with crisp and saturated digital printing and silver foil stamping create flawless designs that exude sheer elegance.  

If you want to emphasize the special solemnity of the event, beautiful white boxes with customizable accessories - belts or tags - will guarantee a high-end presentation. 

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